I would like to warmly welcome you to the homepage of the Atta-Ur-Rahman Institute for Natural Products Discovery (AuRIns), UiTM, Malaysia. AuRIns has a history of more than 12 years, having been established in 2004 which laid the foundation towards screening biodiversity for new chemical entities with novel biological activities. This institute consists of a diverse and vibrant community devoted to drug discovery based on the amazing chemical diversity of natural resources including plants and microorganisms. A substantial part of our research activity is dedicated to natural product chemistry and chemical synthesis with significant potential for application as therapeutic agents. Drug discovery based on natural products has a long successful history as they were the foundation for modern medical practice, and the cornerstone of biomedical research.
We are convinced that the vast majority of natural products have not yet been found and that a wealth of interesting chemistry and biology awaits discovery. Paving the way at the forefront of drug discovery and development, AuRIns is expanding its research capabilities by merging chemistry with biomedical science to form a set of highly interdisciplinary sciences, with the physical and organic elements of chemistry complementing biological fields, such as molecular biology, cell biology and pharmacology. Building from that background, the institute is well-equipped with state-of-the-art technologies including advanced analytical and structural tools which greatly enhanced our ability to rapidly discover new active compounds.
As director of the institute, I invite you to explore our website and hope this portal will be a window for you to the fascinating world of natural products research, and specifically to some of our exciting research programs. Please do not hesitate to contact my office if you require further information.

With best wishes,

Professor Dr. Nor Hadiani Ismail
Atta-Ur-Rahman Institute for Natural Products Discovery (AuRIns)