Organic Synthesis and Molecular Modelling

    Increasingly, modern organic synthesis is driven by the pursuit of function, as evidenced in two of its central research endeavors, total synthesis and methods discovery and development. In complex natural product synthesis, the ideal target is not only architecturally fascinating, but also exhibits potentially useful medicinal properties toward which an efficient synthesis could provide useful quantities for further biological studies. Similarly, in reaction discovery and development, the new method ideally facilitates the efficient synthesis of motifs prevalent in medicinal or functional compounds and materials.  

    Our research group seeks to address the challenge in design and synthesis of natural occuring compounds and their derivatives. Ultimately, we hope our endeavors will further the ideals of modern organic chemistry: advancing the field from a basic science perspective while also lending to numerous applications in various field. 

    This research group combines organic chemistry, computational, and biological aspects to solve problems in medicinal chemistry. Focused medicinal chemistry projects utilize synthetic organic chemistry to achieve goals such as development of probe that can be utilized as a tool in biological studies and development of lead molecules that will facilitate future therapeutics besides utilizing small molecules to enhance understanding of biological targets. More broad impact research aims to develop new paradigms in medicinal chemistry through technology such as computational modelling and molecular dynamic simulations. 

    Research Fellow

    Dr Syahrul Imran Abu Bakar
    Organic synthesis
    Computer-Aided Drug Design
    Dr Syahrul Imran Abu
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